The Unglamorous Side of Business

Written by Mike

Being a CEO can look like a glamourous position. He/she gets to control the lives of many hundreds of employees, make monumental decisions regarding the company/ies and in lighter moments, attend parties and other social functions. Of course CEOs work too, but they have an exciting life to compensate for the hardships of the position, not to mention an attractive pay package. What of those further down the ladder who have to tend to the unglamorous business work?

Fiscal Roles

Every business needs an accountant Narre warren to make sure that they are running smoothly and within the law. If the business is production based, these financial consultants work doubly hard as they have to balance the books on goods that are produced and sold or re-sold. Even with a services based company or business, the accounts department is responsible for every penny spent and earned, and at the end of the month or year, they have to produce the paperwork to show where every penny landed.

Right-Hand Men and Women

The Personal Assistants and secretaries are the unsung heroes of a company’s top management. While the top executives and management make important policy decisions and brainstorm creative ventures to make more money for the company, these people work as quietly as Cranbourne tax returns sometimes. They remind their bosses of when meetings occur, the papers and files they need to read before that meeting, calls that have to be made, returned, answered or reacted to. Some PA’s even handle the personal lives of these executives, booking medical appointments, running laundry errands and even dropping kids to school.

The Techies

Most big companies have their own IT department, and with good reason. Computers are temperamental things and are always going out of whack. It can be an issue with software or hardware or networking. Many high powered executives, who are brilliant on the floor, can be babes in arms when it comes to rebooting or debugging a computer. IT technicians often end up playing the role of handyman as well, connecting loose wires, replacing fried hard drives or motherboards and advising employees to back up their data all the time. Without computers and the network that links them within a company, most of the processes that we take for granted wouldn’t happen at all and work would be unbearably slower.

So the next time you step into an office and see the sleek and glamourous looking executives tapping away at their computers or taking important looking business calls, remember that there is an army of silent and often invisible workers behind them who make everything possible.

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