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Tips for Driving Economically

Written by Mike

It is easy to blame high fuel consumption on how many miles to the gallon your car can achieve, but is there more to it than that? Yes, there is. As it turns out there some simple hacks that you as a driver can apply to reduce the fuel consumption of your car by a significant margin. It is not just the car you drive, it is also the style in which you drive it. How reliable is that advice exactly? Well, you could drive a full on V8 BMW M3 sensibly and achieve more miles to the gallon than you would at the same speed in a Toyota Prius. Starting to make sense now?

So let us now look into some simple tips we can employ to minimize visits to a petrol station.

Work Your Engine Sensibly

That is to say, do not exert it more than is necessary. The amount fuel consumed is directly tied into how hard the engine is working. If you are in to that dumb and dangerous activity known as street racing, you will not be getting many miles out of your fuel supply. So be mature and civilized with your right foot when driving. More speed equals more fuel.

Maintain Good Traction

Not having good traction just means your tires are doing more for less and that ultimately means your engine will also be doing more for less. So it pays to make sure your tires are good on traction and are driven slowly on slippery surfaces where there is not much grip on offer.

Be Smart with Your Automatic Transmission

Of course, this only applies if you drive an automatic vehicle. The key distinction of an automatic transmission is that it spares you the task shifting through gears manually. However, it does mean the engine will be working a little harder to transfer power than it would through a manual.

Make sure the transmission is functional and efficient and do not leave any bad indicators to chance. For those of you who are residing in the south east coast of Australia and require automatic gearbox reconditioning Brisbane has some of the best specialists in the entire country to get it done.

Some automatic cars will linger in the lower gears too much. You can get them into upshifting quicker by releasing the throttle as move past 30mph or there about. Once you are in top gear, throttle up again ever so smoothly.

Pay Attention to RPM and MPG Values

Your engine works depending on velocity of the crankshaft. It is the crankshaft that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. That velocity is displayed is the rpm you will read on your dashboard.

But there are two kinds of transmission to consider. A manual offers the driver more control over rpm of the crank since the gears are switched manually. More rpm equals more torque and more fuel consumed. With Automatic transmissions, there is less control for the driver but can still be altered to reduce fuel consumption.


Follow these simple hacks and you will notice a significant improvement to your car’s fuel consumption.

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