Straightforward Advice for Buying a Property in Perth

Written by Mike

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you’ve made such transactions before but didn’t go exactly as planned, you will benefit of the following pieces of advice, tailored for whoever tries to purchase properties in Perth, AU. Forgetting about important aspects is more common than you think. Learn below what to do and what to avoid.


  1. Research the area on your own

For some reason, certain neighborhoods may happen to become trendy; this doesn’t mean that the quality of life is better. A specific area may become interesting due to a newly erected building, a recently opened cultural centre, etc. This doesn’t mean its streets are quiet or the crime is at low levels. You need to begin your own research and see what the chosen suburb is like, taking into account the factors that matter. In other cases, suburbs may have a bad reputation for not-so-relevant reasons. Again, this calls for your own research.


  1. Get someone qualified to cater to the process

For a smooth move, you need to choose one of the available settlement agents Perth offers. This also has to be a lawyer – because buying property requires not just real estate, but also legal expertise. Also, keep in mind that buying is more expensive; it incurs larger fees because the agent’s effort is greater. Don’t be surprised by these.


  1. Comparing ‘now’ and the long term

When people buy a new property, they focus on their future goals and desires for the long term. They envision expansion, richness and so on. This often takes their mind off their immediate needs. Before you purchase, you should definitely think of what is it that you require right now. What are your requirements in the present moment? Without having these needs met, you may not be able to create the change you desire in future. For example, if you don’t have enough space in your new home, different issues can arise – it may compromise your rest, your work, your daily activities and even the family life.


  1. Thinking in terms of proximity

In many cases, being close to the locations that interest you is a lifesaver. You may be driving a car and up for the distance but this doesn’t mean it can’t become difficult. There are issues, such as heavy traffic, that may prevent you from being on time. Eventually, you get to find out that it’s best to just be close to whatever interest you: schools, workplaces, entertainment areas, cultural hubs, etc. Your initial enthusiasms for a neighbourhood wear off once you begin to realise how difficult it is to get around, on a day-to-day basis.


  1. Check old listings

Some properties on the market aren’t updated or somehow fail to get seen by many. These properties can actually be fairly nice and are surely worth a check. As you view listings, go all the way (or filter) to the oldest ones – meaning those that were posted a longer while ago. It’s usually easier to negotiate these and you could even get a bargain. Another tip for finding such low priced or negotiable listings is to look during the least busy months.


Always be thorough in your search and inspect properties whenever you have the chance. Don’t simply rely on pictures, these may hide more than they reveal.

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