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Spring Cleaning: 4 Major Rooms to Consider

Written by Mike

Even though the neatness and hygiene of your home are important all year long, there is something about the spring that urges people to focus more on this topic. You see, the freshness of the spring alone acts subconsciously on most people and makes them want to introduce some of this invigorating spirit into their homes as well. Still, having will and determination to see this cleaning project through isn’t all that it takes for you to achieve great results in this field. Here is how you should clean the four most important rooms in your home.

Start with the kitchen

The absolute hotspot of filth within your home is probably the kitchen. The reason behind this is all the greasy, evaporating and sticky ingredients you use in the food-making process. Still, seeing how this is the place where you prepare the food for your family, it is definitely not where you want to use toxic commercial cleaners. Make your own home-made solutions by mixing vinegar, baking soda and lime. Other ingredients you may also want to use are bleach and soapy water. One last piece of advice when it comes to cleaning the kitchen – make sure to clean your stove first and then replace the cleaning rag, because you don’t want to risk spreading all that filth all over your kitchen.

Next is the bathroom

The next step on your path is the bathroom and here, once again, there is so much to do. Luckily, there are many tricks and lifehacks that are known to work here. For instance, while you can clean your toilet with an antacid tablet, you could also try to do so with a mouthwash or even a can of Coke. On the other hand, when it comes to cleaning the tub or shower curtains, you might want to go a bit easier on the chemicals, seeing how these parts of the bathroom are supposed to come into direct contact with your skin.

Proceed to the bedroom

Once you have covered these two major parts of your home, it is vital that you bring this breath of fresh air into your bedroom as well. After all, this is the part of your home where your day begins and ends, which means that it plays a vital role when it comes to your overall mood.

Your first target is the allergens, and getting rid of them is not an easy task. Your major three adversaries are the curtains, the carpet and of course the mattress. While the first two can be washed, things are a bit more complicated with the mattress. You see, a high-end one will be more resilient to allergen particles in the first place. This is why, when you decide to take care of your bed, you might want to do some research on the topic of good mattresses in order to get the right one for you.

Wrap it up with the living room

Finally, you should take some time to tidy up your living room a bit. While this is not that difficult, it might be time-consuming, since rubbing stains off your furniture, washing the windows and even washing your walls might take a lot of time. This is why it’s not a bad idea to look for someone to keep you company while you’re cleaning. The most common option is to turn this into a family activity, but if that’s not possible, you might want to consider asking a friend to help you out.

In the end, there are a bunch of other things you could do during your spring cleaning – like deal with the attic and basement clutter and even tidy up your backyard a bit. Still, these are more or less optional. To make a long story short, a clean home is a healthy home, so try to avoid any ‘cleaning’ solutions that have a potential to create more mess than they could clean.

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