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Common Workout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Written by Mike

Sometimes, working out could be sabotaging your health. If you are intent on exercising, you should do it properly. Otherwise, you could do as much damage as not working out at all. Read below for a list of common workout mistakes and how to fix them:

Not Changing the Routine

If you go to the gym everyday to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes or do bicep curls, then you are following a routine. While that’s fine, this routine should be occasionally changed. When you start something new, your body will need to get used to it. After repeating the same exercise at the same intensity levels for some time, your body will eventually get used to it. Our bodies are highly energy efficient. If you want to continue to build muscle and lose fat, then you need to change your routine. Pick up new exercises, and up the intensity levels of exercises you have been doing for a while. Otherwise, you won’t be benefitting much.

Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

Don’t go to the gym wearing ill fitting clothes. You can end up getting chafed, or limit your ability to perform your exercise routine property. Therefore, go buy the right type of Activewear bottoms and tops that suit your activity. Buy clothes that feel lightweight, comfortable, and can keep sweat off your skin. Don’t buy clothes that are too baggy or too tight. The right fitting clothes would make a world of difference in getting you pumped and ready for activity.

Not Timing Workouts Properly

Exercising has what scientists call a “Goldilocks zone,” or a time period that is perfect for burning calories without hurting yourself. If you exercise for too short a period of time, you might not lose excess weight. If you exercise for too long, you will be overexerting yourself leading to issues like fatigue, persistent soreness, or muscle damage. Workouts have ideal timing periods. For example, if you are running, a 30 minute run with sprints in between is enough per day to lose weight. However, if you exercise for more than an hour, you are doing more damage than good. You would be losing soft tissue with over exercise than fat. Also, too much exercise can lead to heart issues.

Not Warming Up

Don’t start intense workouts without warming up. Warm ups get the blood rushing to your muscles and your body ready for rigorous activity. So this is a must before each exercise. You can read about various warming up exercises online. A light jog or a cycling session is great for getting warmed up too.

Not Eating After a Workout

You won’t lose more eight if you fast after exercising. In fact, you could gain more weight. Once the body has spent a lot of energy in one go with your workout, it will become highly energy efficient and absorb more energy from the foods you eat later. Also, certain resistance exercises lead to muscle damage. You have about an hour’s window after a workout to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to recover. So, don’t forgo eating after a workout. However, you must watch out what you eat. Don’t eat sugary, starchy, or fatty food after exercising. You should stick to veggies and proteins, preferably plant-based proteins without animal fat.

Next time you work out, avoid the above mistakes.

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