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8 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Tidy

Written by Mike

 Cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to be a daily chore. Everyone likes a neat and hygienic kitchen space, but not all of us have the time to devote hours of each day to keeping it spotless. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to maintain a tidy kitchen without devoting all of your energy to just one room of your home. Follow these steps to keep the kitchen shiny and new every day of the week.

  1. Pre-empt mess. Some mess in the kitchen will inevitably happen as you cook, eat, and generally live your life. The easiest way to avoid a major clean-up project after cooking is to pre-empt the spills before they occur. It’s an easy way to avoid a more arduous post-cooking clean. For example, kitchen splashback tiles will make it much easier to quickly wipe away mess while you cook.
  2. Adopt a minimalist approach to cooking. Using a variety of pots, pans and utensils while you cook will make the washing up stage of your day longer than it needs to be. Focus on a minimalist approach to your meals, and experiment with one-pot recipes to try to minimise the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do after eating.
  3. Clean the sink post-dishes. Make a habit of cleaning the sink out after every dishwashing session. It won’t take more than a minute, and will leave your sink area looking shiny in no time. It’ll also keep bad odours from filling your home after cleaning your kitchen.
  4. Make cleaning part of the process. Try not to compartmentalise cooking and cleaning in your mind. Instead, wash up as you go in the kitchen, and you’ll find that there’s far less to do once the meal is over. You can even recruit your partner or child to take charge of the cleaning side while you focus on the cooking.
  5. Stock up on cleaning products. Keeping everything you need nearby for quick clean-ups is key. Make a list of the essential things that you need for your kitchen and keep them stocked up at all times. Keep an eye out for all-in-one cleaning products that’ll cut down on your housework time. You can also make your own multi-use products using baking soda, vinegar and water that could substantially cut the cost of your cleaning budget.
  6. De-clutter regularly. If your kitchen is relatively clean but still looks untidy, you’re probably dealing with a clutter problem. Hold regular de-clutter sessions where you clear the counter tops of anything unnecessary, and put everything you use back where it came from as you go about your day.
  7. Throw food away every time you add something to your fridge. Whenever you shop and buy a new fridge item, give the fridge a check and get rid of anything that isn’t fresh. This will stop overcrowding and untidiness in its tracks, and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.
  8. Make use of cleaning wipes. As any parent of young children will tell you, wipes can have a multitude of uses, particularly when it comes to unexpected spills. Buy a pack of antibacterial wipes and use them to give your counter a wipe throughout the day. It’s quick and easy, and will save you the trouble of constantly washing cloths after wiping.

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