5 Tips for Planning a Workplace Christmas Party

Written by Mike

Being in charge of planning the workplace Christmas party can be a tough task, but it’s also very exciting and rewarding. Whether it’s your first time planning this event or you’ve done it for years but want a fresh outlook, you can never have too many ideas and tips when it comes to this occasion. It’s one of the events that people at work will be looking forward to most when the season draws nearer, so here are five tips for you to consider.


  1. Find a suitable date

Before you start finding out when venues are available and which date will be good for people, check the business diary and calendars to find out what’s going on throughout the month. December can be a busy month for some businesses, and if there are important meetings on certain days (or the day after), you might find that it’s not ideal to plan for a certain date. Once you’ve found a few suitable days when there are no large meetings or events taking place or being organized, you can then take the next step and actually set a date.


  1. Find a suitable venue

People might prefer certain venues over others, but you shouldn’t keep returning to the same place year after year as it can get a little boring for people who have been working in the company for several years. If your company is based in the city, there are many different corporate function venues in Melbourne that you can consider. Contact them to let them know you are planning a party and they will invite you to have a look around and try to sell themselves.


  1. Choose a theme

It’s Christmas – the theme should be Christmas! However, you can also add an extra twist, such as a Gatsby-themed party or other type of fancy dress. This adds something a little different to the party and gives everybody something more to remember.


  1. Food, glorious food!

This is one of the most important things for any party – food and drinks. You can decide whether there is going to be an open bar, whether you are going to buy alcohol in bulk for the event or whether you’re going to have a regular bar where people buy their own drinks as and when they please. When it comes to food, you can organize a sit-down meal or order in some snacks and nibbles for people to graze on during the evening.


  1. Entertainment and music

In order to create a great atmosphere for the Christmas party, hire a DJ who can play some party hits and popular favourites throughout the night. When it’s a workplace party, some people might not feel very comfortable with each other, so it’s important to get everyone loosened up a little bit. You can organize icebreakers and games such as quizzes on the members of staff or simple party games like musical chairs.

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